Are you living with a health-related challenge?

  • Personal or family illness or pain

  • Cancer

  • Disability, visible or invisible

  • Changes related to aging

  • Fertility issues or parenting

  • Medical options, decisions, and treatment

  • Surgery

  • Caregiving issues

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Stress

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A Change of Mind: Neuroplastic Tools for Healing

Have you been told that you “just have to live with it”? That the best you can hope for is to “manage” your pain, discomfort, anxiety, and depression?

It’s not true. Brains change. We can change our brains and change our lives.

Learn and practice, in a supportive environment, how to use brain science (neuroplasticity), along with practical, creative, well-studied and effective techniques which can reduce and eliminate your symptoms so you can:

  • Feel better
  • Have more energy
  • Do more (“get your life back”)
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Get the most out of medical treatments

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Would it help you to talk with a compassionate physician about your health? To spend enough time on the concerns that you have about your health and healing? To have help navigating the medical system and supporting your inner ability to heal? Are you in the midst of a stressful transition of any kind? Do you want to know more about the mind-body connection and holistic healing?

In my Medical Counseling practice, I help individuals and families who live with illness, pain, stress, and medical conditions to achieve a sense of balance, inner strength, and wholeness.

Do you want a physician on your health care team who can do that?

You are already a whole person: body, mind, emotion, and spirit. You have resources inside you which can help you to heal. Together, we will use the mind-body connection and tools such as guided imagery, meditation, movement, art, and music, which can help medical treatments work better, decrease your stress, and help you feel better.

As an experienced family physician, I can examine your individual situation and review the diagnosis and treatment recommendations from your other physicians and health care providers. We can work on medical decision-making. Then we can evaluate any other medical care that may be of benefit to you, including both standard and complementary/alternative care, as well as preventive care and stress reduction, going “outside the box” whenever necessary.

My office is in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, located in the East Bay, but I am also available for telephone consultations (including internet voice and video calls).

What exactly is medical counseling?

Medical counseling involves a combination of medical, holistic, and mind-body techniques that reduce stress and anxiety, and promote healing. It includes informed assessment, by a physician, of the options and services available to your particular situation and helps you navigate the often daunting and confusing world of the healthcare system.

How can medical counseling help you and your family?

Health is a real concern for so many people today and most physicians have only a little time to talk about it. When your life changes because of a health problem, whether your own or in someone close to you, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. It can really help to have sufficient personal time with a compassionate physician who has specialized training in counseling and who offers you support and guidance during a difficult time.

Together, we can take a look at:

  • Your particular situation as a whole

  • A review of your medical care

  • How to get the information you need

  • How you can feel empowered to make decisions that work for you

  • How to deal with your stress so you can feel better

  • Recommendations for integrative (holistic) preventive care and treatment from a physician who can spend enough time with you

Please note that the counseling we do together is in addition to the care you receive from your treating physician(s) and other health providers. I encourage you to have a primary care health provider.
I do not do primary health care, nor is the information on this website intended to replace discussion with your own health care providers. We are all part of your health care team, and you are the heart of that team.